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Relax to the soothing sound of a crackling wood flame.

Meet the Makers

Kim & Greg

Hello! We are Kim and Greg, together we founded Wood Flame Candles Ltd. in February 2017. Kim’s love for candles and Greg’s love for wooden wicks are what lead us to start this venture we love so much. It started as a candle making hobby in our kitchen, but soon turned in to a small business. We live in an old brick house built in 1890, so naturally we love the old fashion home décor that compliments it. This is why we chose the Mason Jar as our original jar to produce our candles in. We have since then added a few more to our collection but the Mason Jar is and will always be our signature look. Life can be crazy and hectic at times which is why we wanted to produce a product you can come home to at the end of a long day and “relax to the soothing sound of a crackling wood flame.”



Wood Flame Candles strives to produce a high quality product for all our fellow candle lovers! We take pride in assuring each candle is made with high quality ingredients that burn cleaner and longer than most other candles.

All our candles are made with 100% soy wax and wooden wicks. What makes wooden wicks so special? Wooden wicks are known to last longer and burn cleaner than your typical cotton wicks. They also give off a soothing crackle sound as they burn. We use the highest concentration of fragrance and essential oils, so we can guarantee your candle will fill the room with relaxing scents. Our signature jar we use is the mason jar but since inception we have added a few new styles to our collection and will continue to do so. 


Custom Candles

Need some custom candles made for an event or for your business? We would be happy to help. Drop us a line below with a little more information and we will contact you shortly! 

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Wood Flame Candles Ltd.

Box 497, Qu'Appelle, SK S0G4A0, CA

(306) 552-7262